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Merlin Holmes!!! 1k A Day Sitting Home, The Fast Tracks Review with Amazing Bonus

the fast tracks review

The Fast Tracks Review

Product Name

The Fast Tracks


Affiliate Marketing & Online Earning

Net Price + Tax Price

$997 + $179


Merlin Holmes

Money Back Guarantee Period

30 Days

A regular day job is way harder than staying home and making money. But the harsh truth is 85% (Source) of people do not like their day job but they are doing it. So keeping all thoughts aside let's get into The Fast Tracks Review and let's see if this very popular +43 hrs content product can change your earning as well as life or not.

Here is a noticeable thing that, this same course has made Luella Delano (Merlin's sister) $170k.

What Is 1k A Day Fast Tracks All About?

1k A Day The Fast Tracks is an easy method which you need to learn carefully and implement exactly same to earn $100 - $5200 sitting home daily. In this over the shoulder training course you are not learning the whole affiliate marketing in detail rather you will be given a 1-page website with a basic yes/no question poll and a pop-up to sell ClickBank products while building a niche targeted list of email subscribers at the same time.

What Does The Fast Track Package Include?

The Fast Tracks Includes 6 week course (with +43hrs content) and 7 useful bonuses,- 

The 6-Week Course

1K A Day Fast Track is a comprehensive 6-week course taught by Merlin Holmes will give you the simple but big income generating concepts and exact strategies you can copy and apply. And those methods will be working more and more in days of future.

  • Week 1: 5 Day Marketing Masters Degree + Quick $500 Commissions.
  • Week 2: His exact strategy with new account setup, finding the right product(s) and getting everything in place.
  • Week 3: Rapid development and deployment of your first poll. The whole email marketing.
  • Week 4: Creating your automated selling systems. Going deep into CLICKBANK & CPA module.
  • Week 5: Creating your first money-making ads on Merlin's secret platforms and setting up your simple ad campaigns. The cheapest targeted traffic source.
  • Week 6: Planning out your future income streams & secret offer sources. Amazing money module with weekly coaching and live question and answer (Q&A) session.

The 7-Bonus

The Fast Tracks Bonus Includes,-

  • #1 Proven Landing Page Templates - You'll be able to simply click, copy and paste Merlin's $50,000 (he said in his webinar video) poll templates that literally "force" web traffic to give you their email addresses.
  • #2 Thank You Page Cash Generator Software - Custom built Thank You Page Cash Generator Software will enable you to do just that and all you'll have to do is customize one tiny line of text.
  • #3 Full Email Templates & Training - You can feel the power of automation in sales. Also it helps to sustain your earning.
  • #4 Traffic Mastery Workshop - You'll have complete access to traffic getting system.
  • #5 Weekly Coaching For First 20 - Generally Merlin charge $1,000 for a 1 hour business consultation, but as a member you'll be able to get access to that same privilege 100% free when you join today, but only if you are one of the first 20 to claim your spot right now.
  • #6 Commission Bump & Partner Support - As a member of the $1K A Day Fast Track you'll instantly be given a massive commission bump on one of the hottest offers to hit the market in the last 24 months. A team of 8 members are 24x7 hosted there to give you manual support anytime.
  • #7 Free 2nd Login For Partner - You'll have the ability to get a 2nd login to the system completely free to share with anyone you choose; a business partner, your spouse, child, cousin whoever you choose.

How Does The Fast Track Program Work?

1k A Day The Fast Tracks program works following three simple steps,-

  1. Get your desired visitor through ads. I'm not talking about Google, Fb, Bing etc. ads with almost or more than $2 CPC. Instead of those one should choose revcontent or AdPushup etc. with 1/10th cost of high cpc.
  2. Drop your subtly designed (special $50,000 proven landing pages) 1 page poll website in front of them. Get sales directly and earn money as well as capture all emails. Some will even pay over $500 per sale.
  3. Start email marketing, sit back relax and take out money at any instant and sustain your online business.

Now, what so special about that subtly designed $50,000 landing page bundle?

  • Firstly, you will have tested landing pages on any niche. You will not have to worry about writing or making anything (like landing page) on your niche product. Life is so simple 😀.
  • Secondly, those pages are made keeping in mind that how to trigger consumer's mind. That is why micro-commitment (see below) and group mentality stuffs are included for fitness niche.
  • Thirdly, you will have the opportunity to build your email list so playfully. And there is a popular saying 'money is in the list', because sometime you will not get instant sell and then email marketing will take the major role.
  • Next, this pages are very simple that it can ignite your first sale in no time. Anyone will be triggered to buy unknowingly. That is why you don't need to run only tire-1 country ads you can simply run 10 cheaper ads instead of 1 high cpc ad.
  • Last but most important, in this whole campaign you are not asking someone to buy something rather you are giving every individual of the same mentality group what is used by other group members. That is why these campaigns have almost 70% of conversion rate.
1k a day fast track conversion rate

1k A Day Fast Track Method Visual Presentation

1k a day fast track method

Journey Of Merlin Holmes

merlin holmes transformation

Merlin Holmes is a millionaire E-business owner from Denver, Colorado (Older Mountain). But according to Merlin, his young life started as an employee of Diary Queen as he was not good in study. He spent 3 years on average $8/hr wage. Then he tried network marketing, sponsorship, sales person (car seller), real estate broker one by one but got in vain. But in 2005 he started his first website and stepped in into internet. He has made more than $150 million dollar through his online business. Not only he did it for

himself but also he made so many top online earner including his sister Luella DelanoShe has earned $170k doing same stuff. He has 3 daughters, to seek more peace he donated $40,000 to his youngest daughter's school. 

Now he is an online business mentor of 1.5 billion dollar company. He charges more than $1600/hr as his consultation fee. He runs very big online business with his team. Also he does part time affiliate marketing and email marketing.

1k a day fast track email

Basically Merlin is not a 'Marketing Guru' because teaching online marketing is not his main job - his main profits come from his 8-figure business online.

Bonuses Are Mentioned In The Below Most Section Of Page

Who Is This Course Made For?

This course is made for only one species on earth. That only one is the most intelligent species on earth, i.e. 'Human'. Hahaha ..... not joking. Because 1k A Day Fast Track need to be exactly followed and by default every human brain want to get success following others path or you may say it 'inspiration' in one word.

It is perfect for any day job employee, any teen newbie, homemakers, retirees, experienced marketers who want to scale their online business etc.

1k A Day Fast Track Scam Or Legit?

The system is neither scam nor legit. Actually, the exact same question you need to ask you. Because,-

Fast Track System is totally legit when you put your effort to follow exactly same method. That exact method made so many marketers financially free.

Otherwise after purchase you will be spreading rumor about being scammed.

So be sure before purchase, you are ready to consume at least 30 hrs of contents and implement those simultaneously while learning. Truly speaking that is how I started my online earning journey.

How To Access Fast Track System Quickly?

Big question. Maybe you have noticed every-time you click on the buttons given on any website's page for this product. You will be directed to webinar page. After that you need to fill your name and email to attain a 10 minutes intro video. Meanwhile you will get an email to join the webinar. Then you must go through 2 hrs 36 mins long webinar to get access to the payment gateway of The Fast Tracks.

The webinar is good. If you have 3 hrs and need to grow your mindset about this training you can join the webinar (click 'JOIN THE WEBINAR' button).

Otherwise, I will highly recommend you to save your 180 minutes. Get visit to the sales page ... know more about it ... then make your decision(click 'RECOMMENDED' button).

1k a day fast track webinar page

The Fast Track Webinar Page

1k a day fast track sales page

The Fast Track Sales Page

Pros And Cons In Fast Tracks System


  1. Training is made for 10 to 100 everyone, age dosen't matter here
  2. Profitable for any niche as only yes/no questions needed
  3. Detailed Training (43hrs)
  4. Everything (landing pages, email swipes, templates, traffic source, product choosing, method etc.) is provided
  5. One focused method. Need to follow exactly
  6. 24X7 Support Team
  7. 30 Days money back guarantee (you are also secured by CLICKBANK refund policy)
  8. Email marketing, advertisement running skill will be grown as a future asset
  9. One can grow email list rapidly using this same method and earn money when needed
  10. Cheaper ads can be used perfectly through this method
  11. Excellent product + So many bonuses, obviously it would be little expensive (in outside only basic online start course charging ~$1000)
  12. Very reputed and experienced owner who was at your position once
  13. Big opportunity to earn from home
  14. Need One time leaning then very time saving for long term
  15. A very sustainable business model for future
  16. You are getting the way to escape the webinar and visit the product salespage directly
  17. Most Importantly, My BONUSES


  1. First time learning effort is huge and time consuming, most people will fail to survive this training for 10 days
  2. The price of the course could be too high for some people but it is reasonable and truth is always harsh, you have to pay big to get back huge
  3. Need to keep some cash (~$25 to begin) aside for ads
  4. The webinar is extremely time consuming, I do not like that

My Words About Fast Track System


I strongly recommend this course.

Now you have 3 ways to be followed,-

First Way: Do as you were doing in past. Future will be same like present.

Second Way: Click button and just join the webinar. Attending the webinar is totally free and it will take only 3 hrs from your very big life. Who knows may be something ignites you from Merlin's life and you may only succeed to make only 10% of his wealth. Then it will be more than enough for rest of your life.

Third Way: Take vow, 'I will not not stop till I am succeed'. And grab it, implement it. It will surely change your life.

Get The Fast Tracks Now And Get All The Bonuses (+430) Below:~

#1. Bonus : Copywriting Automator

Discover this incredible robot copywriting tool that builds your sales converting web pages just by filling in the blanks in minutes.

#2. Bonus : CLICKBANK Secrets

Discover the strategies and secrets of top affiliate marketers.Legally Drive Traffic To Your ClickBank Offers.

#3. Bonus : Article Buddy

Article Buddy only needs your keyword and website info and will curate videos & articles, turn them into unique content, then post BOTH on your website ...

#4. Bonus : Power List Pro

Powerful WordPress Plugin Allows You To Add 'Entry & Exit' Popups To Your BLOGS To Promote Any Offer And Build Your Email List On Autopilot!

It doesn’t matter which internet marketing expert or “guru” you talk to, they all agree – your email list is one of your...

#5. Bonus : Traffic Generating Resource

Make traffic generation fast and easy with this bonus. This will include training and strategies that will propel your business to the next level.

#6. Bonus : Turbo Dynamic Url

Introducing the Most Effective, Fast and Empowering Affiliate Bonus Link Generation Software on the Market, Allowing You to Boost Your Affiliates’ Efforts On Steroid!

#7. Bonus : TIKTOK Marketing

The TikTok social media platform has seen explosive growth over the last two years.

It now has 500 million users that are desperate for fun and exciting content and this is a massive opportunity for you to promote your business.

#8. Bonus : 10k Blueprint

Many people have a hard time believing that it is possible to make $10,000 per month after only 90 days.

They have tried a few different approaches in Internet Marketing and have not made a single dollar, so how are they going to make $10,000 in 3 short months?

#9. Bonus : Evergreen Commissions

Evergreen Commission Machines is a well-detailed method that helps create evergreen commissions within only four steps. This amazing product does not need any special experience or technical knowledge.  It is designed to enable subscribers to your website to...

#10. Bonus : Alpha App

Alpha is a cloud-based software to help you manage Whasapps and drive free traffic to any site at the same time. It is a specialized tool to run your marketing campaigns in Whatsapp while also supports you to spread these campaigns in various media platforms.

#11. Bonus : Xtreme App

Xtreme App is an unique software completely levels the playing fields for newbies. You can use their first-of-its-kind software to get unlimited buyer traffic in 29 seconds.

#12. Bonus : Giant Whiteboard Kit V2

Enter your text here...Whiteboard video presentation became a phenomenon and most effective type of sales video presentation. Because of this, the demand of skilled video creators became a challenge because there were only few people who are good at doing this type of video.

#13. Bonus : Internet Retirement System

Internet Retirement System is unlike anything you’ve seen before. It’s powerful enough to build an entire CAREER around (it’s perfect for anyone who wants to quit your J.O.B. and work full-time from home). Escape The Rat Race Using Internet Retirement App...

#14. Bonus : Urgency Suits Pro

Enter your text hUrgency Suites Pro is a software tool that allows you to put your offers in urgency. You can decide how much urgency you like to apply, customize the animation, and add to your website.

#15. Bonus : 10 DFY Funnels

10 Done For You proven funnels for any of your campaigns.

#16. Bonus : Smart Video Salesletter

Finally, you can discover how to build a super high converting video sales letter using a hybrid strategy… Starting today!

#17. Bonus : ProfitMailrr

ProfitMailrr is an all in 1 never seen before affiliate friendly autoresponder and list building web-based software. It creates epic email campaigns so you can build massive lists and get extreme amounts of sales in no time.
animaze bonus 27

MEGA BONUS with +400 

(Software, Plug-ins, Loop Musics, High Quality Graphics, Doodle Images,  miscellaneous (PLR) products with resell rights)

The Bonus Giveaway Method

After Purchase Through This Page Knock Me Here OR Mail Me Here ( With Your Order ID. If It Is Matched I Will Give You Bonus Link asap by me. Believe Me I Am Geniune....hahaha.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my 1k A Day Fast Track Review & Bonuses

To Your Success! Chayan Sarkar

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